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Fox Corporation, commonly known as Fox, is a media and entertainment company that was founded on June 28, 2013. It was established as a result of the split of News Corporation into two separate entities, with Fox Corporation focusing on the company's broadcasting and cable television assets. The company's roots trace back to the establishment of Fox Film Corporation in 1915 by William Fox, a pioneer in the film industry.


Fox Corporation operates through various segments, including Fox News Media, Fox Sports Media Group, Fox Television Stations, and Fox Entertainment. These divisions encompass a wide range of media properties, including television networks, cable channels, local broadcasting stations, and digital platforms. Fox is known for its popular brands and franchises, such as Fox News, Fox Sports, and the Fox Broadcasting Company.


The company's media offerings cover a diverse range of content, including news, sports, entertainment, and reality programming. Fox News, a prominent cable news network, provides 24-hour news coverage and analysis, while Fox Sports delivers live sports events and sports-related programming. The Fox Broadcasting Company produces and airs a variety of television shows and series, catering to different demographics and genres.


Fox Corporation went public on March 19, 2019, following the completion of the separation from 21st Century Fox (now owned by The Walt Disney Company). The initial public offering (IPO) allowed Fox Corporation to establish itself as an independent entity and pursue its strategic objectives. The move aimed to enhance the company's operational focus and agility in the rapidly evolving media landscape.


Since its inception, Fox Corporation has been committed to delivering high-quality content and engaging entertainment experiences to its audience. It continues to invest in content creation, distribution platforms, and technological innovations to adapt to the changing consumer preferences and viewing habits. Through its various media properties, Fox Corporation remains a prominent player in the media industry, providing news, sports, and entertainment programming to millions of viewers worldwide.



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