Futu Holdings Ltd (FUTU) Sector

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Futu Holdings Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based financial technology company founded in 2012 by Leaf Hua Li and Arthur Yu Chen. The company operates an online brokerage platform that provides commission-free trading services for stocks, mutual funds, and other financial products. Futu's proprietary trading system provides real-time quotes and offers advanced trading tools, including margin trading, futures trading, and short selling.


Futu went public in March 2019 on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol FUTU. The initial public offering (IPO) raised $90 million at a price of $12 per share. The company's share price has since risen significantly, with a market capitalization of over $19 billion as of May 2023.


In addition to its brokerage platform, Futu also offers wealth management services, including a robo-advisory platform and asset management products. The company has a presence in Hong Kong, the United States, and Singapore, and has plans to expand further into other regions.


Futu has experienced significant growth since its founding, with a reported 14 million registered users as of 2022. The company's revenue has also grown rapidly, with total revenue of HKD 7.2 billion (approximately $926 million) in 2021, up from HKD 1.7 billion (approximately $220 million) in 2019.



(05/23/24) $73.80
(05/25/24) $73.29
(05/25/24) (Qty.)1,637,189
(05/23/24) $73.07
(05/23/24) $76.23
(05/05/24) $67.50
(05/12/24) $81.86
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