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GreenLight Biosciences Holdings PBC is a biotechnology company that develops and produces RNA-based solutions for a range of applications, including agriculture, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. The company was founded in 2008 by Andrey Zarur, Joseph BelBruno, and Matthew Ashworth, and is based in Medford, Massachusetts. The company uses proprietary technology to produce large quantities of RNA at a lower cost than traditional methods, enabling it to develop RNA-based solutions that are more affordable and accessible.


GreenLight's RNA-based solutions are designed to improve crop yields and increase the efficiency of food production while reducing the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. The company is also developing RNA-based therapies for diseases such as cancer, viral infections, and genetic disorders. In addition, GreenLight is working on RNA-based vaccine solutions for infectious diseases, including COVID-19.


GreenLight Biosciences went public through a merger with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: ENVI) in 2021. The merger was completed in August 2021, and GreenLight became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange. The merger provided GreenLight with approximately $345 million in gross proceeds to fund its growth and expansion plans.


GreenLight's proprietary technology and expertise in RNA-based solutions have attracted significant attention from investors, and the company has received funding from a range of venture capital firms and strategic investors. In addition to its headquarters in Massachusetts, the company has operations in North Carolina, Europe, and Asia, and has collaborations with leading research institutions and companies around the world.



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