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Good Times Restaurants Inc. is an American fast-food chain known for its Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard brand. Established in 1987 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company has made a name for itself by offering a combination of classic burgers and unique frozen custard desserts in a casual and family-friendly setting.


At the heart of Good Times Restaurants' success is its commitment to crafting high-quality, made-to-order burgers using fresh, all-natural, and hormone-free ingredients. The company's emphasis on quality resonates with customers seeking a fast-food experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard is known for its hand-spun frozen custard, a creamy dessert made from high-quality dairy ingredients. This distinctive offering adds a unique touch to the dining experience and contributes to the brand's appeal as a go-to spot for both comfort food and indulgent treats.


The company's menu diversity extends beyond burgers and custard, featuring a variety of sandwich options, sides, and beverages. This approach allows Good Times to cater to a broad range of tastes while maintaining its commitment to quality ingredients.


Good Times Restaurants' focus on creating a welcoming and approachable atmosphere aligns with its family-friendly ethos. The company's drive-thru and dine-in options, along with its retro-inspired design, contribute to a casual ambiance that resonates with both individuals and families.


The company has also expanded its footprint through franchising and strategic location choices, allowing it to extend its presence beyond its home base in Colorado. Good Times' commitment to embracing technology for order-ahead and mobile app services enhances convenience and accessibility for its patrons.



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