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Hyzon Motors Inc. is a leading global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles. The company was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a company with over 15 years of experience in the hydrogen industry. Hyzon focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling heavy-duty vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, offering a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel-powered trucks and buses.


Hyzon Motors specializes in the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems and their integration into various commercial vehicle applications. The company's product portfolio includes a range of trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles designed to meet the specific needs of fleet operators in industries such as logistics, public transportation, and waste management. Hyzon's vehicles offer zero-emission operation, longer range compared to battery electric vehicles, and shorter refueling times, making them a viable option for long-haul transportation.


In terms of going public, Hyzon Motors became a publicly traded company through a merger with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation in 2021. The merger allowed Hyzon to access the capital markets and accelerate its growth plans. As a publicly traded company, Hyzon aims to expand its production capabilities, develop new vehicle models, and further expand its global presence to meet the increasing demand for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Hyzon Motors is at the forefront of the transition to sustainable transportation by leveraging hydrogen fuel cell technology. Their vehicles offer an alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles, providing a pathway to decarbonization and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. By utilizing hydrogen as a clean energy source, Hyzon is contributing to the advancement of zero-emission transportation and helping to address the environmental challenges associated with the transportation sector.


The company's commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology extends beyond the vehicles themselves. Hyzon also invests in building a comprehensive ecosystem that includes hydrogen production, distribution, and refueling infrastructure. By collaborating with partners and stakeholders across the hydrogen value chain, Hyzon aims to create a sustainable and scalable hydrogen fueling network to support the widespread adoption of its vehicles.



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