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iSpecimen Inc. is a healthcare technology company founded in 2012 with the goal of connecting researchers and biopharmaceutical companies with the biospecimens they need for their studies and drug development programs. The company has developed a unique platform that enables researchers to access a wide range of high-quality human biospecimens, such as blood, tissue, and other biological samples, from a diverse network of clinical and research partners.


iSpecimen's platform acts as a marketplace, bringing together healthcare providers, clinical laboratories, and biorepositories to efficiently match the needs of researchers with the available biospecimens. This streamlined approach eliminates traditional barriers to accessing high-quality samples and accelerates the research and development process in areas such as precision medicine, biomarker discovery, and diagnostics.


The company has built strong relationships with healthcare organizations and research institutions to establish a comprehensive and diverse inventory of biospecimens. Through its platform, iSpecimen offers researchers access to a vast array of annotated specimens with detailed clinical and demographic data, enabling them to find the samples that align with their specific research needs.


Since its founding, iSpecimen has made significant strides in expanding its network and capabilities. The company has formed partnerships with leading healthcare systems, academic institutions, and biobanks to continually grow its inventory and ensure the availability of diverse and high-quality biospecimens.



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