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FiscalNote Holdings Inc. is a global technology company that specializes in providing legislative and regulatory intelligence solutions to businesses and organizations. The company was founded in 2013 by Tim Hwang, Jonathan Chen, and Gerald Yao, with the goal of revolutionizing the way organizations access and utilize government data.


Based in Washington, D.C., FiscalNote's core product is the FiscalNote platform, a comprehensive software platform that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to provide real-time insights and analysis on legislative and regulatory issues. The platform aggregates data from various sources, including government databases and news outlets, to help clients understand and navigate the complex landscape of policy and regulatory affairs.


FiscalNote serves clients across multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, energy, technology, and more. Its solutions enable businesses to track and monitor legislation, regulatory developments, and lobbying activities that may impact their operations. By providing timely and accurate information, FiscalNote empowers organizations to make informed decisions and effectively engage with policymakers.


The FiscalNote platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which offers a range of features and tools that enable clients to monitor, track, and analyze legislative and regulatory activities. The platform provides real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, legislative calendars, and predictive analytics, among other functionalities. It aims to streamline the policy management process and empower organizations to effectively manage their government relations strategies.


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