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Spire Global Inc. is a space-to-cloud data and analytics company that specializes in providing real-time insights and solutions for global data challenges. The company was founded in 2012 by Peter Platzer, Joel Spark, and Jeroen Cappaert, with the vision of using satellite technology to collect and analyze data from space to benefit various industries and applications.

Spire Global's primary focus is on operating a constellation of small satellites, known as CubeSats, to gather data on various aspects of the Earth's atmosphere and environment. These CubeSats are equipped with advanced sensors and technology to monitor and collect data on weather, maritime, and aviation tracking, as well as other environmental parameters. The company leverages this data to provide actionable insights and analytics to its customers.

Spire Global's unique approach to data collection and analysis has garnered attention and partnerships with various industries, including maritime, aviation, weather forecasting, and climate research. Their data and analytics services are used by governments, businesses, and research organizations globally.

With a growing number of satellites in orbit and a diverse range of data products and services, Spire Global continues to expand its capabilities and offerings. The company's focus on leveraging space technology to address real-world challenges positions it as a significant player in the emerging field of satellite data and analytics.

(03/01/24) $12.48
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