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Twist Bioscience Corporation is a biotechnology company that specializes in synthetic DNA and gene synthesis. The company was founded in 2013 by Emily Leproust, Bill Peck, and Bill Banyai. Its headquarters are located in South San Francisco, California, USA.

Twist Bioscience's core focus is on leveraging its proprietary DNA synthesis platform to enable researchers and biotechnology companies to access high-quality, custom-designed synthetic genes, oligonucleotides, and DNA data storage solutions. The company's technology allows for the accurate and efficient production of synthetic DNA at scale, facilitating advancements in fields like healthcare, agriculture, and data storage.

Through its gene synthesis services, Twist Bioscience supports various applications, including antibody development, gene editing, gene expression studies, and gene therapy research. The company's DNA data storage solution utilizes synthetic DNA to store vast amounts of digital information securely and cost-effectively, offering a potential alternative to traditional data storage methods.

The company's technology has gained significant recognition in the biotechnology industry due to its potential to revolutionize various fields and address critical challenges. Twist Bioscience's innovations have been embraced by researchers and biotech companies looking to advance their scientific discoveries and create new possibilities in areas such as personalized medicine and sustainable agriculture.

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