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AMERCO is a transportation and storage company based in Reno, Nevada, USA. It was founded in 1945 by Leonard S. Shoen as U-Haul, which is now its most well-known subsidiary. AMERCO operates various businesses in the do-it-yourself moving, self-storage, and property and casualty insurance sectors.

The company's primary business, U-Haul, is a well-established and widely recognized brand in the do-it-yourself moving industry. U-Haul provides rental trucks, trailers, and other moving equipment to individuals and businesses for relocating their belongings. With a vast network of rental locations across the United States and Canada, U-Haul is one of the leading companies in the moving and relocation industry.

In addition to U-Haul, AMERCO also owns other businesses, including U-Haul Self-Storage, which offers storage units at various locations, and Repwest Insurance Company, which provides property and casualty insurance products.

Over the years, AMERCO has maintained its focus on providing quality moving and storage services to its customers. The company's commitment to innovation, customer service, and expansion has contributed to its success and reputation as a leader in the transportation and storage industry.

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